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Legal services in Belarus (Minsk)

Legal services in Belarus (Minsk)

On the site LAWYER.by to find information about the legal services rendered, as well as their cost, and can also provide useful legal advice ONLINE, which will help solve legal questions (problems), find sample documents.

Legal services in Belarus (Minsk) offer for firms and individual entrepreneurs and physical persons on legal issues related to the creation, management and liquidation of firms, implementation and termination of business activities of the individual.

Give the qualified legal assistance in such kinds of legal services:

-  legal advice on business firms and individual entrepreneurs;

- registration of the company;

- registration of the Fund;

- accreditation of the representative office of a foreign company;

- reorganization of legal entities;

- the liquidation of the company;

- recovery of debts;

- analysis of transactions;

- collection services;

- licensing, certification of separate kinds of activity;

- legal service;

- protection of rights in the Economic Court, representation in the International Arbitration Court at the BCCI.


Legal services are provided under a contract for legal services.

With prices for legal services you can find in the section "PRICES".

Business requires legal support, since legal aid is provided in a timely manner the guarantor of your financial health.

Ask a lawyer online you can in section "feedback" that saves you time on legal advice. 

How to open a company in Minsk and to choose the most suitable form of activity you will be able to go to the page

Collection services of legal services and debt collection with years of experience on the territory of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Great Britain and other European countries offer assistance for debt recovery during a pre-trial settlement of the dispute.

Legal advice must be useful, so the focus on metrics such as professional legal services, responsibility, individual approach and maximum efficiency for its customers.


Lawyer Pylchenko Aleksande

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